Monday, August 9, 2010

The Best Cuts of Music - Edition 76

Is that a real man burning or is it time for another scorching episode of The Best Cuts of Music! Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser are hot on the trail to Burning Man! Like all great trips there's a lot of poignant conversation and times of reflection. The two became confused by one burning man, visited a world monument, and finally get to their destination at Black Rock City! What happens in the mean time? Pack your re-bar because you're going to need it on this exciting episode of The Best Cuts of Music!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 76

1. Truth - Revelation
2. The Books - Chain Of Missing Links
3. Nosaj Thing - Aquarium
4. Múm - The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin Remix II)
5. Inner City - Good Life (Magic Juan's Mix)
6. Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis
7. Tot What U R ( Rhythm Mix)
8. Fab 5 Freddy - Change The Beat (Original 12" French Rap Version)
9. Empire Projecting Penny - Freakman
10. Mary Mitchell - Ode to a Screw

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